The propaganda analyzer !

What is Proppy?

Propaganda is the expression of opinion or action by individuals deliberately designed to foster their agenda.

Proppy is a system that organizes news articles into events and, for each event, shows articles according to their level of propagandistic content. We aim at raising awareness into individual readers as well as providing tools for organizations to monitor large amounts of news articles.

For the live demo:

Instances from other days:

To check the propagandistic index of a specific article:

Paper describing the system (PDF): A. Barrón-Cedeño, G. Da San Martino, I. Jaradat, and P. Nakov, “Proppy: Organizing News Coverage on the Basis of Their Propagandistic Content,” Information Processing and Management, 2019.

The corpus we used to train the system running the demo is available for download here:

The full set of experimental results described in the paper are available here for experiments 1 and 2 and here for experiment 3.

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